Photo Books

Ikani’s photography can be enjoyed in the printed or electronic form. Have look at the books below.

Explore the colourful sights from Kaduna City, Nigeria in this photo book of over 140 pictures.
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Interesting images to make your day from the cities of Abuja and Kaduna in Nigeria.
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AI Art

Artificial Intelligence (AI) generated art has exploded online. It was interesting to see what photography could look like without actually using a camera or capturing an actual real life image. Instead Ikani used carefully worded prompts to see what kinds of images AI could churn out, several required human corrections and touch-ups, but overall the results were impressive.

Enter Ikani Heliexec Chairs AI Art – the “Nigerian Flying Chairs” collection of humorous AI generated art from Ikani based on an idea about a fictional Nigerian company, Ikani Heliexec Chairs, producing flying executive office chairs which become world-famous.

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Ikani Heliexec Chairs AI Art

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